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Kodak Carousel 600 Slide Projector

This is a replica of the old Kodak Carousel 600 Slide Projector. I thought this would be a fun product to recreate in LEGO and I enjoyed the challenge! The slide tray is mounted on an axle so that it can spin. The advance button on the side is also functional and I have been working on an internal gear system so that the slide tray could turn slightly when the button is pressed. The lens is also made of clear pieces so that a light brick could be installed behind it to get the full effect.

I enjoy vintage items think that slide projectors represent a spirit of family fun when everyone would gather around and share memories and stories together.

This would be a fun LEGO set because it would be a fun build with some interesting features that would encourage the spirit of creativity and special memories. I also believe that it would be really nice set to display which would be a great conversation starter.

Thank you for checking out my set! If you have any feedback about how I could improve the design, please share in the comments!

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