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Retro Arcade Game

The model is based on an arcade game from the 60s. Ever since I can remember, we had one of them at home and it always was an attraction, when friends came over. I wanted to build it in LEGO, so everyone could have one at home and play with their friends and family.
Its not only fun to play with, I also think it looks great when it's displayed.

To start the game you press the red button and the ball falls down. Then you pull back the handle and shoot the ball to the stars and it will fall in one of the four gaps.
You have three shots and the goal is, to hit three times the same number or a straight (1-3/2-4). A straight is better, because it is more difficult to achieve. You can dial in the numbers of each shot with the wheels in the upper section.
The model can be opened to have easy access to the mechanics.
The dimensions are 22,5 x 31,8 x 11,2 cm
It consists of 1570 parts.

I hope you like it and support my idea.

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