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Sports Theme

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Introducing the LEGO Sports theme, my idea for a new theme that could change the way we play with LEGOs (or collect them, like me).

I went ahead and made minifigures on LEGO Digital Designer to express my idea, and I will elaborate in writing on my thoughts:

There should be various sets, such as a soccer field, a hockey rink, a baseball field, etc. There should be various 'Build-a-Team' sets where you get a number of heads, torsos, sport accessories depending on the sport, and different numbered jerseys (if the sport calls for that).

Anyways, I think the theme should include at least some of the following sports:
* Football (Picture 1)
* Baseball/Softball (Picture 1)
* Soccer (Picture 1)
* Hockey (Picture 1)
* Basketball (Picture 3)
* Skateboarding (Picture 2)
* Ice Skating (Picture 2)
* Horse Racing (Picture 2)
* Lacrosse
* Fencing
* Running
* Swimming
* Surfing
* Archery
* Boxing/Kickboxing
* Wrestling/MMA
* Karate
* Car Racing/NASCAR
* Skiing
* Snowboarding
* Gymnastics
* Dance
* Horseback Riding/Equestrian Sports
* Bull Riding
* Fishing
* Tennis
* Golf
* Cheerleading
* Roller Derby
* Sumo Wrestling
* Weightlifting

From left to right: The skateboarder; the ice skater; the jockey

From left to right: The basketball player; the golfer; the tennis player; the boxer

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