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Robot Wars: Mazinger Z

Hi my friends! :)
Here is my Mazinger Z for Robot Wars!!
Trying to re-create the japanese Super Robot like ones in "Super Robot Taisen", where SuperRobot are SD style, I try to recreate that feeling, so: BIG head, small body, little arms & legs.
No "custom LEGO pieces", no glue ( bleeeargh.... :(( ) but only real, official LEGO pieces!
So...let's enjoy! ;)

See ya! ( my english is soo baaad...sorry for that! )
Ohw..ohw..ohw...see my others projects: Great Mazinger & Getter 1! is the head, the BIG HEAD! °___°
How is it? For me is the best piece of all the robot, i didn't sleep for years to find a way for this..
please rate and comment!

And here is the complete body, not very posable but...I'm still searching for a mode like jointball or something else for make better and stronger arms & legs!
Enjoy! :)

Battle image! :) ooops! It's the Great Mazinger! =°:°=

Here are some pictures of my Mazinger Z, please enjoy!

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