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Fruits And Pie On A Table - Still Life

This concept build is my take on the classical still life paintings featuring an often used subject, fruits and pies, trying my best for this build to mimic the placement of objects as it was done during 16th century to give it an old world feel. One of the advantages of this build being a " still life " is that the composition is dependent on the person building it, so there is flexibility in the outcome and final designs may vary according to the artist builder, which i think makes it more engaging, reflective and personal.

From concept to production the build consumed about 3-1/2 days and used about 2637 bricks.

This is my 76th build and hopefully more to come. As with my previous sets this is fully playable. If you like this model please do support and share this build to your friends and your social network.

Your opinions, suggestions and comments are most welcome.

Thank you and Happy Building =)

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