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Downtown Ninjago City

Shop, eat or stroll through the park in lovely downtown Ninjago City.

This fully modular set packs massive amounts of playability into a modest amount of space.

Weighing in at 2,900 pieces, this standalone set holds endless possibilities of play scenarios in the exciting world of Ninjago


  • Suit up for battle in the Samurai Armory
  • Climb the ladder and relax in the meditaion studio of Master Ah Cy.
  • Beware the pirates, or join them in their hideaway and plan to pilage your way through Ninjago City
  • Across the water discover a mysterious cave that hides an ancient Serpentine treasure, booby traped and gaurded by a deadly warrior
  • Stroll down Main Street and grab a Hot Noodle Dog, or a slice of pizza from the latest location of City Pizza
  • Pose for a photo with an impersonator of one of Ninjagos greatest heros!
  • Feel like eating in? Pick up any ingredients you may need at Gao's Groceries
  • Buy someone you love something that really shines at ICE Jewelers, owned and operated by the mysterious Madame Ice
  • Finish the day with a walk through the park, and marvel at the statue of the Guardian Angel of Ninjago
  • Defend the City! Battle the forces of Garmadon and the Serpentine in the streets!

The Ninjago line has always produced some the most colourful and exciting Lego sets, and Downtown Ninjago City would be a wonderful addition to that collection.

Packed with both beauty and adventure, this set is sure to be a joy to lego fans of all ages.

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