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Micro Collector Series, Interplanetary Discovery Cruiser

This is where it all started... on the I.D.C. This monster of a micro-sized ship is where Fleet 106 began, where their mission began, and no one knows that secret because... well no one really knows that either, it's just a secret. Cruiser features 5 laser blasters including a rotating one in the middle on top, and the rarest micro figure of all, Colonel Bartanger in his golden suit, and a great shape for endless play and great display!

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Above: Rear view
Below: Underside view

Above: Underside view
Below: Top view

Above: Top view
Below: Microfigure view

Above is Colonel Bartanger (Bar-tun-ger) clothed in gold. This picture is not detailed and may be detailed later. Hope you've enjoyed this product and be sure to support the others as well! And watch for the Battlestation Prosperous Maximum.

-Dag Bricks

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