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Mature Tree

Growing up in an urban center I was lucky enough to have a mature tree at the front and center of my childhood home, a rarity in today's urban world. I later bought my childhood home and overcame construction challenges to keep the tree. This tree was and continues to be used by children to play on, a focal point for seasonal decorations, and a backdrop for pictures.

I built this Lego creation as sturdy and strong as the tree it is modeled after. The tree can be used in a variety of displays in multiple ways including adaptability for height, fullness, and color. You can use as many as needed for a more forest or woods feel. This piece has the potential for modularity and adaptability for various displays and can be used to extenuate a naturalistic feel to existing sets. The goal of this build is to make its use as diverse as the use of the tree its inspiration was derived from. Can you see the forest of possibilities beyond the tree?

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