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New York

This set have some of the famous buildings from New York, like Empire
state building, Chrysler Building and Ground Zero. There are also an yellowcap and a New York city bus. There are 11 minifigurs and 2174 peacses! Please support the project

This is Ground Zero with the Survivor Tree.

The boy scoud's are ready for there next adventure...

The inside of the Chrysler Building. (from button to top)

-The lobby with two lamps and tables.

-A secretary room, with two tables, a telephone and some papers.

-A water dispenser and a coffee machine.

-An office with a lot of papers and a chair.

-An other office with two tables, two computers and a lamp.

-A bar with two chairs, a table and some bottels and glasses.

The inside of The Empire State Building. (from button to top)

-A lobby with some flags, a chair, a plant, a table and a lamp.

-A gift shop with a T-shirt, some postcards and moddels of The empire State Building.

-A foto-room with a computer, a camera and a green-srceen.

-Some kind of an office or a monitoring room or some thing like that. two computers and two chairs.

-A resturant with three chairs, a burger, a pizza and some glasses and bottels.

-A lookout room with a map of New York and two binoculars.

-A seating launch with two chairs, a table and a PH-lamp.

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