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Car crane LTM 1400 8axes


Hello Lego fans.

Here I present to you a great projekt.

Mobile crane LTM 1400 with 8 axes

For this model I took the crane 42009 as basic. The conversion started with the chassis. The chassis was lengthened and installed 3 more axes. Axle 1, 2, 3, 7 and 8 is steerably. In addition, I had to create space for the motors. The composition has been adjusted in the lenght. The mast was also strive rein forced.

My model is completely controllable with remote control.

Driving back and forth.

Steer left and right.

Supports in and out.

Lower and lift supports.

Mast turn right and left. 

Mast raise and lower.

Mast in and out.

Lowering and lifting hook.

The model now has a lenght of 80cm. The mast comes down to a height of 120cm.

A possible selling model would reduce the cost as the little brother to be 42009 equipped with a multi-gear.

Here could be extended, offer a model for the 42009 or the complete model with 8 axes.

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