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Gargoyles Animated Series

Hello 90's Cartoon fans, 

This is my first attempt at a full play set, and it is based on the T.V. series Gargoyles.
Growing up it was one of my favorite cartoons and i think it would be an awesome set !

The set includes 7 Mini Figs with custom stickers, and a play set inspired by the Gargoyles clock tower. i used some pictures of the clock tower as inspiration. which includes functioning doors that lead into the clock tower, a hand controlled crank inside the set that turns both clock face hands. Stairs leading up to the rafters. a fridge, picture of the gang, table, lamp, and table. also included is a door way in the bottom of the stairs that is home to Bronx.

Figures included are Goliath, Elisa, Demona, Hudson, Broadway, Lex, and Brooklyn

With this set i decided to go with only two sides of the clock tower to allow a more open concept in the back for a more lighted and roomy play experience. and to keep the piece count below the max piece count i have left out the peak of the clock tower. 

Also the clock faces have decals for the numbers. i was going to uses flat tile but to get the look i was going for it would have become to cluttered. hence why the roman numeral decals on the face.

Included is also a Lego plaque with the gargoyles logo.

The whole set has a total piece count of 2500 this is including the minifigs.

i hope you enjoy the set idea as much as i enjoyed creating it ! please feel free to comment as i would appreciate any feed back as to improve my building skills :) 

thank you all for your time ! 


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