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Memorial Hospital


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Memorial Hospital


Memorial Hospital is full of equipment and personal to attend every emergency; looking at this brand new Hospital we will find lots of details and lots of fun. The building has an emergency stairs on the back, a special entry for emergency’s where the ambulance take the patients trough side doors. Once inside we have a desk where all the patients can make their registration, there is a wc well equipped for everyone. In this floor there is a doctor cabinet as well where patients are being attended. Upstairs the nursery insures that all the babies have all the comfort. Next door the surgery room fully equipped with surgeons ready to make surgery to a patient who has fallen from his motorcycle. Upstairs there is a boiler to keep all clean and warm, a Helicopter is landing in Hospital Heliport ready to transport any patients from any accidents to our Memorial Hospital.

I hope all of you like my latest Hospital, now even more playable and fun, full of details.



  1. Heliport and Ambulance Helicopter
  2. Stairs
  3. Boiler


Second floor

  1. Surgery room and TAC device
  2. Nursery Room
  3. Stairs


First Floor

  1. WC
  2. Doctors
  3. Reception
  4. Stairs



  1. Emergency Stairs
  2. Recycling Bins
  3. Ambulance Entry
  4. Ambulance



  1. Wheel Chair
  2. Police Officer Cabinet
  3. Entry with Wheel chair Ramp


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