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The Golden Hat Store


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--Welcome to the Golden Hat Store, where all the hats you want are sold!--

Once upon a time, back in the 19th century, in a small town in the U.S, an elderly woman called Emily and her husband, Leonard C. had a hat store. They had the most popular hat store in all the America, and they sold hats to everbody. But one day, as they were having lunch after work, they heard a strange noise coming from downstairs. Quickly, they run towards the shop, but it was too late; two thieves with a carriage had broken inside and taken all the money and some of the most expensive hats. Leonard started shouting and ran to try to chase them, but they climbed onto the carriage and drove away.

Time passed, and both Leonard and Emily soldiered on, and so, The Golden Hat Store recovered its inicial reputation... And here, their store has been built in LEGO!



The Golden Hat Store is my very first modular, and it is part of a series of 'Old Wild West' that I have just started. The shop sells any type of hat you may want; from hats for cowboys to exclusive and really expensive ones. The set has 1223 bricks and is 27.84 cm (11") tall; all you need is here!


· The First Floor:

Features the main store, with the place where the hats can be seen, put on, and bought. It also has a small place to pay your bill, which may be quite big if you really like good hats...

· The Second Floor

This is where both Leonard and Emily stay and live where they are not in the store. They have a large collection of books, a really comfortable armchair (with very nice dark azure velvet) and a fireplace, as it can get cold during the winter. It also has a small balcony, which is full of old stuff that they don't use, as well as their pet; a monkey.




                          Leonard, Emily and some furniture




This project wouldn't have been possible with the help and collaboration of Pau Padrós ( for his ideas, design tips, renderings and character designs.



So, if you like my first modular, please support it, as it takes no time at all and really makes the author really happy. 


Thank you so much!


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