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The Grinch's House

This is my second project on Lego Ideas and it's The Grinch's house, actually it isn't even a house, it's a BIG SCARY CAVE inside a mountain.
Now, why did I decide to make this my second proyect? Well, I have never loved The Grinch (not that I hate it), but my sister has always been in love with this movie, she's frecuently telling me that Lego should make a Grinch's set, but so far nothing has happened and I thought that I could make her dreams come true...
This set is composed by a sleigh full of the presents that the Grinch has just stolen and a Mountain with a cave inside, that shows all the trash the who throw to the bin after Christmas, a red armchair for the Grinch and a machine that the Grinch uses to scare little children on Christmas. On the upper part of the cave, there are some pictures full of nostalgia. Finally, I've added 3 minifigures to this set: The Grinch, The Grinch's dog (Max) and Cindy Lou.
I hope this one calls more people's attention, thanks for all!

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