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LEGO Spice Girls


The Spice Girls are the biggest selling girl band of all time! In celebration of their 2019 reunion tour we want to be able to bring Sporty, Scary, Posh, Ginger and Baby’s unique brand of Girl Power into everyone's homes worldwide!

With this LEGO Ideas set, you can enjoy a private Spice Girls concert in your own home for you and all your LEGO minifigure friends (The LEGO Lumberjack is a HUGE fan!). Enjoy the backstage lounge created for the girls to get ready for the concert and to relax after putting on a fun, fantastic and energetic show of their hugely popular songs for their fans:

  • Put the LEGO Spice Girls on stage to perform your favourite Spice Girl's pop hits!
  • Pose and play with all five of the Spice Girls: Sporty, Scary, Posh, Ginger and Baby
  • Flip the stage screens from close up camera shots of the girls performing to the massive display of SPICE we love to see!
  • Help the girls prepare for the show at the hair and makeup stations!
  • Don't forget to have each girl grab her own uniquely coloured microphone to take on stage with her!
  • Relax backstage with refreshments and treats! The girls can hang out together on the big sectional couch. Friendship never ends here!
  • Prepare a special finale for the show at the costume rack! Let the girls spice up their costumes with fun wigs and super glittery and outrageous outfits; They will put on a truly fantastic closer!

2019 marks the reunion of the Spice Girls (most of them!) and we can still celebrate the fab 5 who gave us an unforgettable worldwide pop phenomenon:

  • They are the biggest Girl Band of all time with over 85 million records sold worldwide
  • Their Spiceworld album sold over 20 million records and their first album Spice has sold a staggering 31 million copies!
  • Wannabe is considered the biggest selling single by a girl group ever and half of the top 10 biggest selling girl band singles in the UK are by the Spice Girls!
  • They are tied with ABBA for having 9 number one UK singles and they are tied with the Beatles for having 3 UK Christmas number one singles!
  • They are the group that brought Girl Power to global consciousness!

Say you'll be there at the LEGO Spice Girls tour and support this 2 becomes 1 Stage and Backstage lounge LEGO set. Let’s bring Girl Power to your home and Zig-A-Zig-Ahhhh!!

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