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Elvish Ruins In A Fantasy Land


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This is my Fantasy project : the ruins of the first city of the Elves, Fanoria (it's comes of my novel, look at my profile ;).
In an ancient temple, a human Knight is kneel down in front of a sacred Elvish column. Outside the ruins, a dark Dwarf and an Elf are fighting. There is a lot of columns and arches, rocks, a tree... In the ruins there are three traps : a column and a blade which can fall on the characters, and a flame can block the access.

Includes :
  • Ruins with 3 traps ;
  • Rocks with 1 tree ;
  • The sacred column ;
  • A Human Knight with a sword ;
  • An Elf with a saber – and an bow if possible ;
  • A Dark Dwarf with a big axe.

This is an epic group where you can play ad infinitum !
I hope you will like it and thanks for following !

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