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Lego RC Car

This Lego creation is a great toy for kids to play with. It might even create a spark of inspiration for them to create their very own Lego product on this wonderful website.
     This Lego build includes, 1 minifigure, 1 brick-built controller, a camera, and an RC car that you can flip over to reveal a drivable version! The RC car side has a pattern of 3 2x4 plates/bricks sloping up the back. In the front the sloping stops and there is a white piece sloping down to a brick-built sensor/gun. There are 2 pairs of wheels on the bottom and an extra pair on the top just in case you ‘’pop a tire’’.
     On the other side where you can reveal the drivable side, there is a spot to place the minifigure, a place to put the controller, and a better view of the brick-built sensors/guns.
      I built this because I’ve always dreamed of being a Lego designer, and if you support.
this, you’re helping that dream become reality.

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