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Vietnam's Cityscapes

Concept & Design

“Vietnam's Cityscapes” is a wonderful model with approximately 2,610 LEGO pieces, for celebrating "Vietnam Architecture Day" which falls on April 27th each year. It's a day to appreciate the work of architects and their contributions to society and culture by designing and creating buildings and spaces. The day also aims to raise awareness about architecture's role in sustainability, innovation, and improving the quality of life in the future for people living in Vietnam.

This MOC project is in collaboration with @kittyhuynh

Vietnam is also home to consider as so many beautiful architectural landmarks and historic architecture.We tried to give the form to our design by blending its rich traditions with modern architectural innovation highlighting the fusion of old and new, emphasizing Vietnam's unique architectural landscape. We divided the model into three parts to highlight the different hierarchies of the architecture in the picture.

  • Part 1: Sky - it presents the night sky with moon, clouds, and stars, as well as fireworks.
  • Part 2: Architecture - it shows the high-rise and historic buildings.
  • Part 3: Landscape - it shows the beautiful national park.

Based on the model, we have high-rise modern buildings including Bitexco Financial Tower, Landmark 81, Lotte Center Hanoi, Vincom Center Tower A & B, Saigon Times Square, and Hanoi Museum, Cho Lon Chinatown housing as well as residential apartment buildings. We also have the traditional architecture with the Ben Thanh Market, Nguyen Hue Coffee Apartment, Saigon Opera House, Traditional Stilt House, Da Nang Bridge, Ha Long Bay, and Saigon River.

In our model, people will explore the beautiful and simple architecture and landscape from Hochiminh City to Hanoi. Each building stands out with its unique color scheme: Bitexco Financial Tower with medium blue, Landmark 81 with light bluish-gray & transparent black, and Lotte Center Hanoi with green & transparent light blue. This approach not only adds vibrancy to the urban landscape but also shows the different hierarchy of landmarks at night time. I also designed this model which can hang on the wall or stand on the shelf and table for display.

Our favorite part of the model is the colorful schemes and elements to form the whole picture. We love that because it is a very thoughtful design to turn into a nice picture with the night sky and fireworks presentation. People can experience so many details on each building and place in Vietnam while traveling at home by bricks. We believe "Vietnam's Cityscapes" is a great LEGO MOC design to celebrate the creativity and ingenuity of architects and their contributions to shaping the built environment. It is also a nice gift for architects, designers, and travelers.

Depth: 6 inches / 15.24 cm
Width: 17.5 inches / 44.45 cm
Height: 12.8 inches / 32.51 cm

Hope you like our design!

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