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Launch Batman into action with the Bat-Helicopter. This set comes with 3 craft: the Bat-Helicopter, Harley Quinn's hot-air balloon, and Poison Ivy's motorbike. It also features 4 characters: Batman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy.

The Bat-Helicopter. The Bat-Helicopter's features are: an opening 2-seater cockpit for Batman and Batgirl; a spinning propeller; a spinning stabilising propeller; and clips for Batman's and Batgirl's Bat-boomerangs. It also has a dark red stripe along the body and another across the propeller. It has 10 decorative Bat-boomerangs and flashlights. It also has landing gear.

Harley Quinn's hot-air balloon. Harley Quinn's hot-air balloon's feature is spinning hammers. It has a basket for Harley Quinn (minus hammer) to stand in. It has the balloon itself, attached to the basket with translucent flexible parts. It has space for Harley's roller-skates beside the hammer mechanism under the lower 6x6 plate.

Poison Ivy's motorbike. Poison Ivy's motorbike has a seat for Poison Ivy, some luminous algae headlights and is covered in plants.

Characters. Batman has cape and Bat-boomerangs. Batgirl has detachable ponytail and Bat-boomerangs. Harley Quinn has brick-built hammer and roller-skates. Poison Ivy has vine piece.

I decided to make this set to start a collection of interesting and quirky Bat-craft. I think this would make a good set because it features Batman who is popular and would run in with the Lego Batman Movie hype.

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