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This is about YOU.

YOU are an incredible piece of art. Ever wondered how YOU work?
YOU are the most complex machine in the world.
YOU have a super computer with the best video card ever produced.
YOU are reading this with 2 high resolution cameras.
YOU have a raffinery that can transform the worst food into pure energy.
YOU have a pipeline system of 100.000 Km to transport that energy to billions of little powerplants.
YOUr pileline also transports an army of soldiers to help you out.
YOU have  a massive pump that works 24/7 to do so.
YOU have 60 Km of wires to connect the super computer with servo motors and sensors.

Of course YOU are not a machine. YOU are unique beautiful individual.
But I hope the analogy helps YOU to understand that YOUr body is a delicate system that needs attention and maintenance.

Stay healthy!
Thank YOU in advance, Stephanix
After the 10K rejection of Anatomini, lots of doctors, nurses, teachers and LEGO fans send a wave of astonishment and dissapointment over the internet. Lot’s of kind words and questions on what now?
After long consideration I decided to do this reboot.

This make-over is: 1)more playable 2)more educational 3)stronger 4) has less bricks
YOU has all main organs, digestive system and blood ciculation in place and in size.

Total no. of pieces: 1177
Height including the pedistal 44 Cm (17 inch)

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