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The Lunar Gateway


The Lunar Gateway... the ISS of the Moon and a crucial development on our journey from the Moon to Mars. The Gateway will serve as a galactic gas station that will marginally improve all our expeditions to mars and help us study the Moon in great depth. This micro-scale model is based on what NASA has planned for a major part of the upcoming Artemis project. This as a set would make a great addition to any space-lover's collection, being not at all to large to display in any convenient shelf. As well as being for the younger-at-heart or body amongst us, who just want to play around and imagine the endless missions that will be carried out by this NEXT GIANT LEAP. 

I built this (as a space enthusiast) because I want everyone to have a glimpse at the future of dare I say  NASA, and LEGO, without having to reach deep into their pockets. Featuring a somewhat complex system of interlocking bricks (behind the scenes in the model) keeping this build firm in place. 

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