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Witch's Tower!


Wenlin the Witch lives in an abandoned old fort. Recently her goat Godfrey passed away, so she recruited the help of her friend Nog the Necromancer to reverse Godfrey's predicament. Unfortunately a local town guard was snopping around and supected that Wenlin and Nog are up to no good, raising an army of skeletons to ransack the kingdom. Lucky Nog managed to assure the guard that his conquest is scheduled for next week and that there is no need to be alarmed yet..

The Witch's Tower is full of storytelling potential as shown above.

The Witch's Tower includes:

  • an open garden with a stone cauldron and a stream.
  • removable furnishings.
  • Two floors and a roof top plaza.
  • an open back tower for easy access.
  • 4 minifigs: a Witch, a Necromancer,an undead knight and a town guard.
  • 6 animals : a goat, a rat , a raven, a cat, a bat and a frog.
  • a broom for the Witch to fly around on (does not fly without heavy modification).
  • Numerous magical artifacts including a dragon's egg ,spellbooks, a shrunken head , a skeleton, a magic ring and potions. 

    The Witch's Tower measures 16 (17 including ladders) studs wide by 24 studs deep (excluding the bat) and is approximately 25 studs tall and is great for both play and display.
    The model contains 917 parts.Please share online if you want this to become a real lego set.

Thank you for viewing, best wishes ~Bismuth83

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