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Lego Thundercats


Thundercats Ho!!!

The legendary series is back "Thundercats Lego", Lion and his friends came from Thundera to join the Lego World. Lego must have this classic series that only bring joy to our lives and teach us good things such as the "Code of Thundera": Justice, Truth, Honor, and Loyalty.

It brings everything you need;

-The most iconic base of all times the Thundercats Lair.

-Seven Minifigures: Lion, Cheetara, Tygra, Panthro, Snarf and Mumm-Ra.

-A Thundertank and Thunderclaw vehicle with multiples functions.

-And must powerfull item from Thundera: The Sword of Omens!!!

The seven Minifigures have all the weapons and accessories from the series.

The Thundercats Lair has 2 floors: the first floor is the Sword of Omens altar, weapons and relics room. On the second floor is the conference room and also the basement which is the control room, the prison, workshop, and room for the Time Capsule. By opening both Lion Claws you will be able to fit the thundertank and the thunderclaw. The Elevator is operational and can send your Minifigure to any floor you need.

So I"ll ask your vote, to share this project with your friends and family and also share in your social networks(Facebook, Twiter, Instagram, etc) to support this project.

I'm not asking to vote for me but to vote for Thundercats!!!!

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