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Blacktron Infiltrator Launch Complex

What is it?
It's a 2475-piece base composed of a Launch pad, Control center, Rocket transport and the Rocket itself.
Rocket transport
It's used to carry the Rocket. It can launch the rocket from a mobile position or take it to the Launch pad for takeoff. Includes a mobile control center on the back, a personal flyer on the front compartment, an explorer drone. The front cabin can be moved to the sides to turn the front wheels of the vehicle and be used as a steering wheel. The explorer drone and the front cabin can combine to create a spacecraft.
Launch pad
Platform were the rocket stands for launching. Includes the tower, and the fuel tanks. It’s connected to the Control center by two hoses.
Control center
It’s the base monitoring the mission. The control center can be detached and be carried by the Rocket transport crane. It includes a small rover.
It’s a manned infiltration unit. The rocket is composed of three sections. The cockpit is at the top and controls the rocket it can be detached and leave behind the rest of the rocket. The mid-section is used as a communication station and for resting. The lower part is the cargo bay and carries a spy rover and a espionage droid.
Why did you build it?
I wanted honor Blacktron to create a new unit for the theme using the original concept of this faction.
Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
It merges set 920 Alpha 1 Rocket Base and set 6950 Mobile Rocket transport, but with the addition of a manned rocket with payload capacity.

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