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Ultimus Mech

Ultimus Mech is bipedal war machine, housing one pilot in a durable and thick armoured shell, packed with the sensory aparatus and different weapon systems. In standby mode (like on the picture) it opens from the front (chest armor) and from the top (cockpit protective screen) to accomodate the pilot. This version has a one handed laser pistol in the left hand but there are two more different options (high velocity two handed rifle and stacionary plasma cannon mounted on the retractable platform/base). Beside this main armament there is a lot of other weapon systems such as anti aircraft gattling guns mounted on the top, twin laser cannons on each upper arm shield plate, 2 rockets under each upper arm shield plate and 2 more on the sides of the cockpit (6 rockets in total). Incredible fast, manouverable and flexible it can be used for many different types of missions, from deep space recoinessance, guard duties and up to open battlefields. When combined with other two main weapon types few of these mechs will form a patrol unit, supporting each other effectivelly.
This is just a short introduction, more details will follow. Ultimus Mech is actually only a fragment of my SF LEGO line of creations (vehicles, mechs, robots, cyborgs, space ships, buildings and so on) and all of these sets together are making two opposing forces (which I named "Positron" and "Darkblight" , you can guess which are good guys and which are bad guys). The full name of this powerful machine is "Positron Ultimus Mech Mark V” because this is actually a fifth generation of modifications (although there were more but not so significant as these main five upgrades). Any questions, comments, sugestions are more than wellcome! :-)

Ultimus Mech Patrol

Ultimus Mech Front View (Open)

Ultimus Mech Side View (Open)

Ultimus Mech Back View (Open)

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