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Adventure Automobile


Why is it called Adventure automobile?
Its not because of the 4x4 wheel capabilities,
or is it due to the fact that it can to go off road,
nor is it because you can go on many adventures with it,

Nope. Its because when you turn on the 0.236834 KN-TR jet propulsion engine (yep, i just made that up) you unleash 334.65 kN of  force that wants to make you shout "ADVENTURE!!!" (there should be more exclamation points but i have to follow house rules) while pushing the button.

but wait! there are already rocket cars in existence? why would anyone use this automobile?

thats because unlike traditional rocket cars, the engine is strapped on the back of a box-shaped automobile and throws away all notion of advanced aerodynamics! why? cause the air makes a nice whooshing sound as it hits the composite reinforced windshield. 


  • Giant 4x4 wheels - for those land adventures!
  • Engine snorkel - for those water adventures!
  • Supply crates and barrel - for supplies on adventures!
  • High powered flood lights - LED for energy savings!
  • 0.236834 KN-TR jet propulsion engine - its not an adventure without a jet engine!
  • Mini-figure with cowboy hat - cause less of an adventure without the hat!
  • Big Red Button 
  • Caution Sticker (on the back bumper) 


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