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PortaBrick Arcade – Build, Code, Play!


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🎮 Introducing the Ultimate LEGO Game Console – PortaBrick Arcade – Unleash Your Creativity and Gaming Fun! 🎮

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary gaming adventure like never before? Brace yourselves for a groundbreaking gaming experience with this revolutionary fully working LEGO® Game Console! Designed to ignite the imaginations of children and teenagers alike, this portable wonder is more than just a game console – it's a chance to program and play your very own games – on a truly unique brick build game console!

🏗️ Build Your Gaming Dream:
Step into the world of boundless creativity as you construct your game console from scratch using LEGO® bricks! The joy of building your gaming buddy, piece by piece, will bring unparalleled satisfaction and excitement. From crafting the sleek and ergonomic design to adding the finishing touches, the building process will nurture your problem-solving skills and ignite the spark of innovation within you.

🎮 Program Your Path to Success:
Unlock the doors to the universe of coding and programming! With the PortaBrick Arcade, you're the mastermind behind your games. Dive into the world of coding through a user-friendly interface that's perfect for beginners and aspiring programmers. Unleash your inner coder and watch your ideas come to life on the screen.

🚀 Launch Your Gaming Journey:
The true thrill begins when you power up your unique creation! Seamlessly navigate through the game options that the PortaBrick Arcade has to offer. From action-packed adventures to brain-teasing puzzles, the possibilities are as vast as your imagination! And the best part? You get to proudly say, "I made this game myself!"

🎉 Fun for All Ages:
Calling all children and teenagers – the PortaBrick Arcade is your ticket to endless hours of entertainment and innovation. Share the excitement with friends, engage in friendly competitions, or collaborate to create the most epic multiplayer games! This console is the perfect catalyst for fostering friendships, teamwork, and unforgettable memories.

🎁 Gift the Power of Play:
Searching for the ultimate gift that combines learning and fun? Look no further! The PortaBrick Arcade is the ideal present for birthdays, holidays, or just because. Watch the faces light up with joy as they embark on their creative journey, developing critical thinking skills and building a passion for technology.

🌟 Why vote for the PortaBrick Arcade?
✅ Unleash creativity through hands-on building and programming.
✅ Empower kids and teens to be the creators of their own gaming experiences.
✅ Foster collaboration, friendship, and laughter through multiplayer games.
✅ Engage in educational play that ignites a passion for coding and technology.

🎮 Get ready to experience the extraordinary fusion of building, coding, and playing with the PortaBrick Arcade. Your journey to becoming a master creator awaits! Embrace the power of play and join us in this exhilarating adventure - where the only limit is your imagination! 🌈

--- About the PortaBrick Arcade ---
The PortaBrick Arcade is a fully functional mobile arcade game console. It consists of 432 components and weighs around 520 grams including the battery. Basis for the project are the electronic components from LEGO® Education Spike Prime and elements from LEGO® Technic.

The game console has two large mechanical input buttons based on pressure sensors, which are used for game control. The four buttons on the central unit, which also houses the microprocessor and battery, are used for menu control. The PortaBrick Arcade has two displays. The upper display can show millions of colors and is formed by four single modules á three by three pixels. The total resolution is six by six pixels. The lower display is integrated into the central unit and can display five by five pixels in monochrome. On the back of the device is a flap that provides access to the micro USB port for firmware updates and battery charging.

The PortaBrick Arcade's software currently includes two games. These are conversions of the arcade classics Snake and Pong. Basically the PortaBrick Arcade can be extended by any game as long as it does not require a higher resolution.

PortaBrick Arcade PONG

PortaBrick Arcade Snake

I wrote the software in Python. All code components are extensively documented. The whole source code of the PortaBrick Arcade is published in a GitHub repository under the MIT license.

Special thanks to Hannes, Falko and Christian for their help with testing, reviewing and feedback!

Thanks to the team of the Faculty of Computer Science at the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences for your support and encouragement.

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