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Mancala Master


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I am thrilled to submit my idea for the next LEGO Ideas – the LEGO Mancala! Imagine the ancient game of Mancala brought to life in a whole new way, blending the timeless joy of strategy with the unparalleled creativity of LEGO.

The model shown here have been designed in BrickLink Studio, using mostly standard LEGO pieces. 
The hardest part was the hinge, which I had to mock up to make sure it could work.

Including the LEGO minifigures heads as customizable playing pieces. Allowing builders to use their extra minifigures and create a variety of colors just like the glass or marble pieces in the regular game.  
Each minifigure adds a playful touch to the game, enhancing the overall experience. 

Combining the joy of building and strategy of mancala to a wonderful experience, not just a display piece, but an actual board game, introducing the concept of a new category of LEGO.

I believe this idea has the power to captivate LEGO enthusiasts and Mancala players alike, providing a fresh and exciting way to enjoy both building and strategic gameplay.

Thank you for considering my submission. I am eager to see the endless creativity that LEGO Mancala Master could inspire!

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