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Dragons' Mountain Lair


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The dragons have sent their children--the Dragon Spawn--to explore the medieval realm of men once again. The Dragon Spawn decide to lay low and establish a foothold in the mountains. As they build the Dragons' Mountain Lair and gather resources to conquer the land, rumors of their arrival start to spread.

The Wolfpack love rumors; it leads them to glory and riches! Can the Wolfpack's disguise get them past the guards and into the treasure room? Or will it land them in the dark cells, waiting for a delicious drake dinner?

This set includes 7 minifigures:
  • 1 Dragon Spawn Queen
  • 4 Dragon Spawn knights
  • 1 Wolfpack in a Dragon suit
  • 1 standard Wolfpack

The castle consists of:
  • The gate house
  • The lower cave: two dungeon cells, a straw bed, and the Dragons' treasure
  • The upper cave: a grazing pig and chicken, getting nice and plump for the dragons' next meal
  • The tower houses the Dragon Spawn's eggs and is guarded by the queen
  • Outside the castle is a tree where the Wolfpack plan their heist!

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