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Building Houses – 3 in 1


~~For new and young Lego fans this set will develop building skills at the same time as being a great set for play. Using one set of bricks you start out with a simple to build house with a small garden. Through two more steps you progress to a larger and more complete house with interiors and a removable roof so that the inside of the house can also be used for play.
With two of these sets or if you have a store of your own bricks you can begin to build a street.
• The set of bricks used to build the largest house includes all the parts required for the two smaller houses.
• The smallest house illustrates how to include windows and doors in a house with a simple roof shape. Building this house will also show the benefits of good construction technique with overlapping bricks.
• The second house is larger with a more complex shape and a more complex roof which will require improved building skills and more focus on reading and using the instructions.
• The third house has a larger garden but also includes other features which illustrate how Lego can be used to make the sets more life-like:
o Garden toys such as a swing and roundabout that actually swing and turn so that the builder can learn how Lego toys can move
o Extra external details on the house, e.g., a window ledge on each window. Not only does this make the house more realistic it also introduces more challenge into the construction as it begins using plates in the walls.
o Internal walls to create rooms within the house. This creates more opportunity for play and also can demonstrate how internal walls can be tied into the outer walls for stronger construction.
o Interior parts such as reclining chairs, a sofa tables and TV, floor mats and a kitchen layout, again for improved opportunities for play. These also begin to show the builder how Lego can create more detailed interiors.
o Introduces the idea of modular buildings by using a roof that can be removed to give access for play.

• Approximately 700 pieces as designed but could be less with the right colour baseplates and by not using so many tiles in the garden.

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