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Freight Wagon For Special Transports, CFC, Corsica [LDD]

This is a model of French freight wagon for transporting construction equipment, such as an excavator or, as here, a French tractor with a front loader bucket. The freight wagon is an ordinary high-sided freight wagon which has been rebuilt with a ramp and a recessed platform. The ramp can be tilted up and the doors of the freight wagon can be opened.
The freight wagon is available at CFC, Chemins de Fer de la Corse, in Corsica, France. The railways in Corsica have a gauge of 1000 mm.
The tractor is typical french which, among other things, has a hydraulic lift where various tools can be attached. The tractor is in a well known french manufacturer's signature colors yellow/orange and white.
All new prints / stickers are designed in Microsoft PowerPoint and adapted to LDD standard size.
Constructed in part using SNOT Technic and individual Technic elements.
Number of bricks are 393, and number of building steps are 145.

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