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Zoriphay Versus Gaijeel

     Far in the future, In a post apocalyptic world, our hero Zoriphay fights to protect our planet from the evil villain Gaijeel. who pilots a intimidating badguy O-Mecha. Zoriphay and Gaijeel are evenly matched because their O-Mecha Robots are the same. But Gaijeel sword has a built in chainsaw! Can our hero successfully defeat the tyrant Gaijeel? Or will Gaijeel succeed in defeating our world's last hope!

     I designed these mecha myself out of my love of classic cartoon mecha from anime and other shows. I can guarantee that most people old and young will want these. I used eye-catching parts of famous mecha shows so as to make my mecha appear familiar to most people. This familiarity will make Sci-Fi lovers all over the globe feel an odd desire to purchase these awesome mecha! I based these names off a book I'm writing so free to re-name them, just please choose reasonable names that sound as cool as they are. 

     O-Mecha feature: four hidden SWARM Missile pods on each of them and Interchangeable cores. Completely pose-able SWARM Pods, jets, limbs, head, and fingers. O-Mecha is designed to be as stable as possible.

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