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Jeep Wrangler Beach Day



These three LEGO minifigures want to take their Jeep Wrangler to the beach. Some of them want to surf and others want to lounge in the sun. 

The Jeep Wrangler has four seats. It is mostly open, except for the windshield. It has the signature spare tire on the back, along with four rolling wheels for driving. It even has a roof rack for surfboards.

The beach lounge has two chairs in the sand. We don’t want the minifigures to get sunburnt, so there is an umbrella to keep everyone safe. If someone wants to play in the sand, there is a bucket and shovel. If a minifigures doesn’t like building sandcastles, they can look for shells, since those are also included.


There are three minifigures. All of them enjoy the beach very much.

Bree: She loves to surf and hang out with her friends. She is spontaneous and loves everything tropical, so that is why she dyed her hair blue.

Willa: They like to play in the sand. They love to build sandcastles and look for shells and anything that can be done in the sand. Willa does not like the water, since they are afraid of sharks, but they love the sand so much.

Charles: Bree is trying to teach Charles to surf. He falls down a lot, but he is up for a challenge no matter what.

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