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The Island Hideout


In a world where an evil tyrant rules over all the continents...

In a world where the zombie apocalypse has come...

In a world where the military is attacking ordinary citizens...

...then your minifigures need a hideout on an island, where they can escape the hardships of life on the mainland! It's been a long time, but I am back with something completely different. I decided to experiment with something different from my usual modular buildings with The Island Hideout. Technically, it's not an island hideout, but a two-island hideout, as the hideout spans a small island and a bigger island (although both are quite small). The larger part of the base is hidden by trees, while a lookout tower sits mostly unprotected on what is basically a rock. 

The lookout tower is very tall (quite obviously) and is made to be a first line of defense for the hideout. The only place to actually put minifigures is the very top of the tower, which fits two or three minifigures, depending on how they are posed. On the tower are three chrome-colored "stud shooter" guns. There is also plenty of ammunition for both realism and for play. 

The tower and the main base are connected by a bridge. This took a lot of trial and error to get correct. The bridge isn't exactly keeping with the theme of trying to hide, but I think it's very interesting. To access the bridge, a minifigure would use one of the "ports" on the tower or main building. A ladder connects the bridge port to the top of the lookout tower. I really don't think there's much more to say about this, so I'll let the pictures tell the story here.

Across the bridge is, of course, the main building. It has three levels, with a ladder allowing minifigure access to each floor. The bottom floor is the commander's room. The commander lives in luxury compared to all the other inhabitants, as they have not only a room to themselves, but also a full bed, as well as a chair that sits in front of a map. The chair is actually for the commander to sit and stare at the map to strategize, although I didn't specify what exactly they would strategize. The strategy and the situation of the entire hideout are up to the builder, if this project becomes a set.

The middle floor is the sleeping quarters for the other inhabitants. There's a map up here, too, but it's not as necessary. There are three beds, although you could also see them as sleeping bags. 

The top floor is perhaps more like a roof, and it, too, is a defense area. Although this defense fortification has only one gun, so it is perhaps not as useful. However, there is plenty of ammunition. This is also where the port to the bridge is on the main structure.

Overall, the entire main base is mostly hidden by foliage. That way, it is far more difficult for the base to be spotted by enemies from boats. However, there is a dock on the main island that allows supply boats to supply the base with food and water. You can also use it to switch out minifigures if the storyline you create requires it. Currently, I have placed a rowboat at the dock with two massive jugs of water, like the kind you would see on a water cooler, to supply the inhabitants with greatly-needed water. On the subject of food, there is also a cooking area, which hangs a piece of food (or a pot full of food) above a fire. Currently, I have a chicken drumstick hanging on the stand to be cooked.

To go along with the fortification, I have created five minifigures, although not all of them are inhabitants of the base. The man with the oars is supposed to be the person rowing the boat. The other four, including the one child, are all inhabitants of the hideout.

Overall, I believe that this would be a great playset for kids, as well as a good display set. That is one of the reasons why I left the hideout as generic as possible: so that a builder would be able to adapt it to a storyline they create. I think there is a lot of potential for this project, and I hope you do too!

Don't forget to support, follow, share, and/or comment! Thanks for taking a look at my first project in a long time.

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