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Model Description

The Orca boat based on Jaws 1975.
With main deck at the back. At which you can lift the cage and place the fishing seat. As well as store canisters and other items. The main deck also has two lift-able tile sections which allow the characters to work on the ship when it is damaged or over strained/heated by trying to catch the shark.

In the middle of the ship, there is the wooden shield section at its top which houses the steering wheel and shark skeleton display piece. Under it, is the interior room that has another steering wheel as well as the cooking section, dangling net bed, various items such as bottle, fire extinguisher, and a door to the main deck at the back. As well as a shorter cupboard type door to underneath the front deck.

The front of the ship houses floating containers which are used in the movie to try to hinder the movement and diving of the shark. As well as a walkway which extends over the water allowing the characters a better view of the sea unobstructed by the boat.

The shark "Bruce":
  • Rotating head
  • movable side fins and tail
  • Opening and closing mouth

The three main characters:
  • Quint
  • Martin Brody
  • Matt Hooper

The shark and boat come at 1198 parts together.

Why I built it?

I've seen all the films, the original more than once and became interested in making my own version once Jaws was on LEGO Ideas. It's also a theme that can be made without using a huge amount of bricks. Since it revolves most famously around the small scale boat of the first movie that the Jaws franchise is most known for.

Why I believe it will make a great set

The ship is iconic and made with the proper scale in mind. Allowing for a lot of space for the minifigures including a decent amount on the inside. The set would pour a lot of detail into the most iconic elements of the movie. Both the ship and the shark makes it a great set for anybody who likes the Jaws theme. As well as ships and sharks in general.

The intricate details on the boat should make for a nice building experience as well as making it a good set to buy for the pieces included alone. One example for this would be the pieces used for creating the bells on the ship that could be easily re-used by the customer for their own creations once the set is bought.

The set would also offer a lot of play ability between the dynamic of the characters on the ship vs Bruce the shark. You could play out the ending in multiple different ways using the various contraptions and equipment on the ship. Who will win? The human characters or the shark?

Tell your friends, family. Share this LEGO product idea around the internet in general and to other LEGO enthusiasts and communities for a chance of it to become an official LEGO set that you can see and buy!

Thanks for watching.

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