Product Idea

Surf Session

Surfing is THE sport!  All about excitement, adrenaline and the Triple S³:  Sun, Sea, Sand!

My entry in the Holiday contest inspired me to go further and represent the whole thing: the most classic tropical beach landscape built around a Perfect Wave (the obvious protagonist of my build) and what is considered to be the apex of surfing: tuberiding in front of a coconut palm-sorrounded beach and lots of people watching awe.

Five customized minifigures portray typical beach-goers:

•'Kelly' the bald Pro-Surfer on his Octan sponsored board, riding the tube in custom-printed surf shorts (and before you ask: YES, he is inspired by the G.O.A.T. of surfing himself, Kelly Slater!)

•'Clark' the Sport Photographer: taking action pics with telephoto lens and (which I'm really proud of) custom tripod

•'Sarah' the Teen Girl surf geek: patiently waiting for his hero (the above pro-surfer) to grab a picture with on her smartphone

•'Leilani' the Sunseeker Lady: aiming at the best tanning results while chilling and scanning the lineup with her binoculars

•'Tommy' the out of shape Wiped-out Surfer: pays the price for underestimating the power of the waves, he ends up wrapped up in bandage and full of reef-scars

Surf shorts, photograph vest, wave logo on board and rashguard are all custom designed by me and applied to parts using Studio Part Designer; all pics are rendered with Studio.

Hope you enjoyed my project and I hope there's some surfers in this community to real appreciate my effort in building the most realistic curling wave with LEGO.

Let's get this to 10k and HANG LOOSE bros!