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Fashion Catwalk [Now with backstage!]

Lego has a city, it has friends, but does it have fashion?

No city (especially for girls) is totally complete without some sort of fashion. That decided us on making Lego Fashion. Aimed at girls, the Lego Fashion Catwalk set is complete with 2 models, camera men in smart suits, a catwalk for the models, some people in the crowd (of course) and the set even includes a backstage dressing room!

Personally, I think that girls who like Lego would for sure have an interest in this set for there really is no more detail that we could have cramped in to this model as if it did become a set, it would be really expensive!

The camera men are fully equipped with cameras and have remembered to dress up smart! Also, you have a little glimpse of the backstage dressing room where the models can get perfect before going on stage.

Above is the dressing room/backstage. It has a removable roof and inside it has a detailed interior. This includes 2 wigs with stands, 2 tables to put accessories on, a hair comb, a hair dryer and 2 bottles of perfume just incase the model gets interviewed!

Thank you for looking at this detailed model/set and if you like it PLEASE support it and spread the word on social networking sites so we can get to 10,000 supports!

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