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TIE Destroyer Mark II


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Hi everybody! It's Implosion4 AKA Paradox501!

Firstly, here are some awesome users:




OK, now on to the set. This is the Mark II version of the Tie Destroyer.

This has an opening hatch, an Imperial Engineer, and a Stormtrooper sergeant. The wings are insanely detailed. Now, on to the story of the TIE Destroyer Mark II.

After the Battle Of Endor, the Empire was, well, crumbling. Not that that stopped Captain Palleon, or Thrawn from rebuilding the Empire. But anyway, after the Battle Of Endor, TIE Fighter production was slowing. The current captains of the Empire wanted to stop that and that's exactly what they did. TIE Destroyers are remarkably cheap, considering the amount of laser-fire that it is equipped with. After they considered making it and how many credits they could spend without becoming bankrupt, it became real. The TIE Destroyer was officially in production.

Well, that seems to be it on the story, and I already filled you in on the set, so...

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