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SAmU The Caveman


I am a creator with the nickname called “ BravestCrankyJellyfish”

I am a ceramist in real life, and make neolithic style ceramics. I like the archaical ages, and archaical arts.

I would like to present my first LEGO Ideas project SAmU.  He is a caveman (Homo erectus seu sapiens paleohungaricus) from Central Europe. He lived in Vértesszőlős 350 000 years  ago. In my country everebody know Samu the oldest caveman.

Everyone has ever dreamed at least once to live in prehistoric age. You can live your dream with this figure. The Lego Caveman in this project works well as both toy and decoration. Play as SAmU and learn to hunt. Use your spear, stone axe or club. Your friend the owl is always with you, because you are a beastmaster.

If you like my project, i will designe other prehistoric figures in the future.

134 pieces

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Thank you for all supports and comments.

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