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Hedwig-Harry Potter's Owl


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Hey everyone, here is my latest Lego Ideas Project.

Some of you may have seen my Lego owl project which is now expired, this latest project is the result of many hours modifiying the old owl to look like Harry Potter's Snowy Owl, Hedwig. I studied photos of Hedwig and this is my best representation of Harry Potter's famous owl. There will most likely be updates coming soon. You can see the size of Hedwig compared to the Robin and the Blue Jay from the Lego Ideas Birds set.

Hedwig features a moving head, adjustable wings, adjustable tail feathers, and adjustable talons and feet. Hedwig comes with a stand and is attached to it by clear bricks. This set is perfect for everyone and is especially good for Harry Potter fans and wildlife lovers like myself.

I hope you all enjoy!


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