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The Muppet Show


Thanks to the lovers, the dreamers and you!

Things are quickly winding down on this Ideas project. But before we go, I wanted to thank you all -- our very special guest stars, for voting on this LEGO set!

It's been quite a journey since I started building my first Muppet Show sets back in 2017. I'm so happy you all came to out support the project this week. Here's hoping our votes will bring the Muppet Show to a LEGO store near you.

We'll see you all next time on the Muppet Show!


Interchangeable Sketches

In keeping in line with the variety show format of the Muppet Show, one of the key features of my set are the minibuilds that let you change the performance appearing on stage. I've designed three sketches for this set: Pigs in Space, The Swedish Chef's Kitchen and Muppet Labs. I'm hoping more minibuilds like these could be introduced in the future, including such sketches as Veterinarian's Hospital, Planet Koozebane, Muppet News Flash and more!


A Closer Look

I wasn't able to include close-up views of some portions of my set. Here are some better views in case you'd like to look at the small details.


Some of my favorite Easter Eggs

I've hidden a ton Easter eggs as stickers in this set. Here are a couple of my favorite ones. How many do you recognize?



LEGO Ideas has finally allowed me to submit my design for a Muppet Show set. This is a set I’ve been trying to get made for 6 years now. The first time I tried building it was back in 2017.

I tried to resubmit the set several times through the years, but this is the first time it has been allowed back on the site. I built this version of my design early in 2021 and it was featured on the Muppet fan site Tough Pigs.

Ever since LEGO released the Muppet collectible minifig series, Muppet fans have attempted to build their own versions of my 2021 design. There have even been bootlegs! I've also gotten a ton of requests from people asking for building instructions. I've held off on sharing any, because I've been hoping that one day The Muppets could return on LEGO Ideas.

Today is that day.

Thank you so much for patiently waiting for this project. I hope you enjoy the set and help us get it to 10k votes.

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