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Backyard BBQ

If you enjoy spending time grilling up food on your BBQ in the summer (or all year round) then this project is for you!

This is a fun display piece with working functions. You can display it on your shelf and/or pretend to grill up some Lego hot dogs, hamburgers, kabobs or whatever else you like to grill!

This set is bigger than "minifig scale". It is to scale with many of the Lego food elements and minfigure accessories. Lego hotdog elements feel right at home in this build.

  • BBQ with opening lid, upper and lower grills.
  • Removable propane tank which activates a light brick and thus lights the grill!
  • Backyard vignette with flagstone, grassy area, and fence with potted plants and lights

If you would like to own a Lego BBQ just like this one please lend your support to this project. 10,000 supporters are needed for Lego to review this project as a potential set!

Thank you so much for viewing my project and potentially supporting it!

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