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Lego Clock Tower


New from Lego Clockworks, the third in our series, the Lego City Clock Tower!  This FULLY FUNCTIONAL pendulum timer uses a lego pullback motor as the spring, with the gearing and escapement as shown to provide a working timer with 2 different faces.


The building is modular as new Lego City buildings are, and the bottom floor can be outfitted as a building of your choice: subway station, bank, restaurant, etc. As you can see we have outfitted it as the Gears Cafe! Featuring a number of Lego gears, some of which have been out of print for decades! 


The Clock section is built around a technic frame, and includes all the gears, axles, chain, and structure necessary, encased within an attractive Lego City building frame. Alert viewers will notice that this pendulum clock uses a different escapement to our previous models. This new escapement is more reliable and will replace those shown on our earlier Ideas.  The Clock Tower attaches to the building below on an attractive 45 degree angle to work as a corner building in your growing Lego City.


The modular section could be sold separately, as this model is a reasonable size when fully assembled. It sits on a 32 x 32 stud baseplate and measures approximately 65 cm tall. 


Minifigs to be included should of course include the clock maintenance crew, the staff for the business below, a few customers, and perhaps a penguin.


We have made a video and put in on YouTube, showing the pendulum mechanism in action, guest starring Gandalf the Cat…



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