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Metal Slug SV-001 (being decommissioned)


The SV001 might be the main tank in the Game Metal Slug video game. But this project is what happens after you accomplished all the missions!

The war is over! all the prisoners are free and just like tanks in the real world, this vehicle is then decommissioned and retrofitted which is then sold to private collectors/individuals who then restore them. Which means technically, this is not a tank, but a road legal vehicle that just so happens to look like a tank.

Vehicle Features:

  • A turret like object which can turn and tilt 5 Degrees!
  • ​Tread tracks!
  • A hatch that opens!

Set Includes:

  • SV-001 decommissioned Tank
  • A private individual who is restoring the Tank
  • A crate of gears
  • A tool cart

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