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The Three Investigators - Book Dioramas and Secret Detective Kit!

“We investigate anything!”
Welcome to the world of ‘The Three Investigators’! Based on a highly-popular series of books “Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators”, created by mystery writer Robert Arthur Jr. in 1964, this idea features three LEGO book-based dioramas, recreating the iconic covers of the three first books of the original series, ‘The Secret of Terror Castle’, ‘The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot’ and ‘The Mystery of the Whispering Mummy’. These classic covers and art style are much loved by fans around the world who still remember the series from their childhood, particularly in Germany where the ‘drei Fragezeichen’ radio plays are still very popular today! 

The set includes minifigures of the three teenage sleuths - Jupiter Jones, Peter Crenshaw and Bob Andrews. Their adventures are set in Rocky Beach, California, a fictional town on the Pacific Coast a few miles from Hollywood and the team use their spare time to solve any mysteries that come their way. The boys use different coloured chalk to sign their trademark “?” as a sign for the others or to mark their trails. As Jupiter himself says “The question mark is the universal symbol of something unknown. We are prepared to solve any puzzle, riddle, mystery, enigma or conundrum what may be brought to us”. Indeed, no case is too strange or mysterious for them, including the aforementioned terrifying castles, stuttering parrots and whispering mummies, but also art thieves, green ghosts, vanishing treasure, screaming clocks and much more!

The featured dioramas are each placed on a LEGO-built book base that actually contains a secret compartment that can be easily popped out by pushing in the right place! What better place to keep any secret notes or information that might be useful in solving your latest case!? The three compartments also contain a LEGO-built magnifying glass ring to look for any clues and a personalisable codeword code breaker/maker, useful for passing secret messages between fellow detectives!

This idea is a joint project between myself (NLRCreations) and my TFOL son @OncleSkinnetMiniature. We both agreed to submit the project to LEGO Ideas! We hope that you like it! All comments, support and feedback very much appreciated!

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