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Commercial Aircraft

Here is a single aisle commercial aircraft that includes two under wing mounted engines, working flaps, working ailerons, hinged fuselage cover to access passenger seats, hinged cockpit top to access pilot seat. Room for 24 minifigures Lego. 

My inspiration for this model is the famous Bombardier CSeries aircraft (now Airbus A220). This aircraft is remarkable on many aspects (performance low-speed / high-speed, eco-friendly, low noise emission, etc.) This Lego version is a scale model that includes winglets, working control surfaces, swept transonic wing, turbo-fan engines, main landing gear / nose landing gear and is 56 cm long x 60 cm tip to tip span and 20 cm height.

My 3 kids (age 8, 6 and 4) immediately loved this model and played a lot with it! I think it could be a nice set fun to play with!

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