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little big planet

^ is the LBP mascot

I have always wanted a LBP LEGO, and then I found CUUSOO, where you can/might make a wished project come true! I have always liked LBP, especially the CUUTE dolls! The LBP series is a good series; even my cute, loud, smart for his age, and energetic little brother does like it!

I also know that some fans of LBP would like this, so I thought, like, hey? Why not! Thats where the discovery of CUUSOO comes in. I made an account, and walla ( sorry if it's spelled wrong)! I am soo proud my couz, Busterman ( on CUUSOO) showed this to me and urged me to make an account. So I did, and he showed me how to work on the site.

Me and him came up with the idea for a LBP theme, and he helped me out. It was my first time on LDD, so he gave me a quick "tour". Him and me built some stuff for this project.

Here are some models, designs, and concept idea for LEGO:

*from left to right: Genghis Khan and Statue of Liberty suits.

And heres the Pod:

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