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Understanding Physics


Understanding Physics

Physics. A vast and major part of science.  What is the best way to to understand physics?  It's experiments, so that's what we have here.  This build is seperated into 3 sections.

On the left is our section that explains physics in the inner layer of atoms and their obriting electrons which make up all of matter they even make up the 1980's computer which is in the first section.

In the middle  section there is speed and energy for the parts of physics. Of and experiment: 4 swinging pendulums, this represents what goes up must go down.

Finally on the right there is a rollor coster with four gold carts.  This section shows the seed, sound and time of parts of phyics. This section represents what starts must end.

I built this model as a learing device and as a tool for people to use to educate other about physics and how they work.  This is important because learning about science is great and learning in LEGO is even greater.

This will be a great LEGO idea's set because it is a learning tool.  The reason it is a learning tool is because it can teach people of all age physics.  People can use this set to teach others about phyics.  Understanding Physics has examples of the famous sayings and the most famous part of science Experiments!

Piece Count: 228 pieces.