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Alpine Research & Rescue

"Alpine Research & Rescue" – a set that's all about having fun! This set features an amazing solar-powered vehicle with working tracks, and it's also a cozy home and workspace for a team of adventurous characters. There are about 1000 pieces including some cool Technic parts and lots of regular bricks. It's not just for looking at, you can play with it too! The characters can go on all sorts of exciting adventures in their special vehicle. Captain J.J. drives the vehicle and loves fixing things. Dr. Tash is a scientist, and her dog Gretchy helps her with research and rescue missions. Aunt Edna, the expedition sponsor, is also a pro photographer. Talan is a funny writer who loves pizza, and C.R. Ash is a base-jumping snowboarder who sometimes needs to be rescued. Will he join the team permanently? There are so many adventures waiting to happen!

I created this set because it was a fun challenge. Some sets look great but are really only for display. I wanted to make something that's awesome to build and great for playing too. It should be fun, interesting, and actually work when you're done building. It’s fresh and new, a set that is fun for all ages, and hopefully helps us learn something along the way.

I think this would be a great Lego set because it can have wide appeal. It’s a fun build without being too complicated, and for display, it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It utilizes readily available pieces, and requires no stickers. It features a fully useable interior space which is not common in many vehicles, but in a way, it functions much like a building too. The diversity of the characters, their stories, and many accessories make for lots of play options.

All of the ingredients are there – just add imagination!

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