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UCS Republic Attack Cruiser

This MOC won the Best Spaceship at BrickCon in Seattle in 2006. Based loosely on the UCS ISD (Imperial Star Destroyer) it rivals that Model, and is actually 4 inches longer.
Completed over 4 months of work, I usually never build with pre-determined instructions or computer models prior to putting bricks together.

The final MOC weighed in over 50 lbs. As for a piece count, I never really took one.

Probably one of the nicer views, which showed a lot of the greebling, since I didn't light the model from the inside. The side panels were the main ones to try to get in. I have an ISD in the box, but never put the whole thing together. So I was going from more trial and error to get this to look somewhat like the RAC in Episode 3

In terms of scale, I think the engine nacelles are a little small for the actual MOC, perhaps a tad bigger would have been better. Or even more realistic - to make the main body smaller. Well, of course, that was already complete...sooo...Oh well. Overall the look was achieved.

This is a good shot for scale. The Clone Turbo Tank in the corner is the actual set 7261. The blue structure was built to handle the MOC from the lower cargo bay - which turned out was the best balance point. The scaffolding later collapsed due to weight.

The MOC was later determined to have a "Swoosh Factor" of 1. As to dismantle the project this was dropped from 7ft. onto the living room floor. While the "SF" turned out to be a little disappointing, the "Crash Factor" was a spectacular rating of 9.4!

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